Roll Stabilization System Refit

A roll fin system has heavy and continuous operation when in service which can cause wear on bearings and actuators. In addition, the control system may have problems in maintenance due to unavailable or costly spare parts. Also the older control systems are not as effective as newer and more sophisticated controls and may require replacement. With Autonav’s many years in design, manufacture and service of steering systems, we are in a good position to upgrade or repair the similar actuators used in roll fin stabilization. We can survey the installation with the customer, monitor the operation and determine which parts should be repaired or replaced. Autonav works closely with the National R

Steering System Refits

A well designed steering system can last longer than the vessel it is on but over its life it will require maintenance and/or upgrades. This is especially true of control systems where modern technology and electronics offer improvements in reliability and performance. Often parts for Older systems are either no longer available, long delivery or too expensive. Autonav has over 70 years design, manufacturing and service experience with a wide range of steering systems and consequently can provide solutions at very cost effective prices. Many competitors lack the staff or interest in the necessary custom engineering to provide such upgrades and will only offer the sale of a completely new ste