Type R: Rotary Vane Hydraulic Steering Systems


The AutoNav medium pressure rotary vane is a compact, simple and mechanically efficient rudder actuator. Field proven performance and reliability confirm its suitability for all types of commercial and naval vessels. AutoNav rotary vane steering gears were designed in co-operation with the National Research Council of Canada and meet the requirements of classification authorities through the world.




  • Automatic actuator isolation

  • Maximum volumetric efficiency

  • Mechanical efficiency exceeds 90%

  • Long life, low friction seals

  • Integral self-lubricated radial and carrier bearings

  • Easy "chock fast" mounting provides self alignment and eliminates fitted bolts

  • Rudder positioning accuracy exceeds 0.2"

  • Second generation long-life, low-leakage seals eliminate problems associated with

older designs

  • Totally enclosed and oil filled actuator is corrosion proof

  • Rotary Vane Chosen for Service in the Canadian Naval Frigates

  • Can withstand 100 G shock

  • 20 dB quieter than U.S. Naval specifications

  • 235% more reliable than ram systems

  • Only 9.3% of the maintenance of ram systems





Simple, Rugged Design


The simple, rugged design has one moving part.

Long life dynamic seals of unique design, tolerant of moderate contamination and wear,

ensure minimal internal leakage and trouble-free operation. All protective valving is external, eliminating the need to disassemble the unit for servicing.

AutoNav rotary vane steering gears have a higher operating pressure (10,000 kPa or 1450 psi) than most other units and are therefore more compact.

Unique seal and bearing materials have a proven life in excess of 70,000 hours with ZERO measurable wear.


Built-in Features


Newer technology such as variable frequency drives (VFD) provide very fast and accurate rudder speeds with continuously variable acceleration and deceleration for smooth and accurate rudder positioning. VFD greatly reduces component wear and resulting maintenance while eliminating heat generation and space and weight constraints due to a more compact and lighter weight system.


Self-lubricating rudder carrier and radial bearings are incorporated in the AutoNav rotary vane steering gear. Torque is balanced as the operating pressure is equal in symmetrically located chambers. Integral rudder stops are also featured. Rudder angles up to 2 x 70 degrees* are available.


Precise, Dependable


The AutoNav rotary vane steering gear provides precise, dependable rudder response in all sea conditions. Control systems available include hydraulic or electric full follow-up, electric time dependent (non follow-up) and even simple manual hydraulic, and are selected according to the customer's requirements and the operating demands of the vessel. Standardized AutoNav components permit custom control packages to be assembled with minimum expense.


* Depending on actuator model

Rotary Vane as installed on Canadian naval Frigates, meeting the highest MIL STDs for acoustic noise and Grade A shock.

Rotary Vane as installed on Canadian naval Frigates, meeting the highest MIL STDs for acoustic noise and Grade A shock.