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Autopos Marine Inc. DBA Autonav© uses over 85 years of family experience in the design and manufacture of marine steering systems which results in a wealth of knowledge in the design problems and failures of many different types of steering systems. Using this knowledge base, and our custom engineering capabilities, we can design and build the components required to achieve the most effective and economical upgrade. Traditional electronic control systems develop the most frequent maintenance problems and suffer from a lack of currently available components. Using Autonav’s standard control systems, with adaptation to the old steering design, the critical parts can be restored to service at minimal cost when compared to replacing the complete system. Autonav has developed unique self–lubricating bearings which can replace older technology bronze bearings for a long and maintenance–free life. Our VFD-based control systems can reduce power consumption by over 80% and greatly reduce steering gear activity for a longer time between maintenance.

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