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Autopos Marine Inc. DBA Autonav® designs and manufactures manual hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering systems and their electronic controls for vessels from 18 feet (5M) to over 1000 feet (300M) in length.

Over 85 years of family experience results in superior and more cost-effective designs which have set industry standards.

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Autonav has just commissioned the first of 18 Tidal Energy systems for Big Moon Canada. Each system used two 850 kNm steering systems to operate accelerator plates (rudders) over 90 degrees, which control the flow of tidal current into the electrical generator. The PLC control system allows local and remote control of the equipment status and power generation. A duplicated control and power system is backed up with a DC emergency control. Variable Frequency Pump Drive is used to minimize power consumption and noise while maximizing operating life. With this unique design, all equipment is barge mounted for easy access and maintenance.


Rotary Vane Hydraulic Steering Systems

The Autonav medium pressure rotary vane is a compact, simple and mechanically efficient rudder actuator. 

Electro-hydraulic Steering Systems

A pair of double-acting cylinders coupled to one or more tillers develop the torque necessary to move the ship's rudder.

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Rudder Roll Stabilization Systems

Rudder Roll Stabilization (RRS) is a technique which uses the vessel's rudders to simultaneously steer and counter roll.

Superior Modular Control System

Autonav’s modular design allows for the configuration of the steering motor control and any combination of alarm and status indication at the Bridge.

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