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Marine Steering


World-Leading Marine Steering Technology
Designer & Manufacturer

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Autopos Marine Inc. DBA Autonav® designs and manufactures manual hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering systems and their electronic controls for vessels from 18 feet (5M) to over 1000 feet (300M) in length.

Over 85 years of family experience results in superior and more cost-effective designs which have set industry standards.

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Over 85 years of combined


We have the know-how you need.


AutoNav® is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of marine steering technology.

We specialize in recommending the most cost-effective service options and offer repair services or upgrades of older steering systems.


Typical systems are supplied to Naval Vessels, Ultra Quiet Research Vessels, Patrol Boats, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Offshore Supply Vessels, Ferries, Tugboats, Fishing Vessels and Yachts.


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Rotary Vane Hydraulic Steering Systems

The Autonav medium pressure rotary vane is a compact, simple and mechanically efficient rudder actuator. 

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Rudder Roll Stabilization Systems

Rudder Roll Stabilization (RRS) is a technique which uses the vessel's rudders to simultaneously steer and counter roll.

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Electro-hydraulic Steering Systems

A pair of double-acting cylinders coupled to one or more tillers develop the torque necessary to move the ship's rudder.

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Superior Modular Control System

Autonav’s modular design allows for the configuration of the steering motor control and any combination of alarm and status indication at the Bridge.

Autonav is pleased to be able to provide custom parts and solutions to clients around the world. 



AutoNav® designs and manufactures manual hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering systems, their electronic controls, and a range of autopilots suitable for vessels from 18 feet (5M) to over 1000 feet (300M) in length.
Rudder Roll Stabilization and Ride Control for fast vessels are available as a result of the latest ship dynamics algorithms being integrated with our steering and autopilot systems.
Electro-hydraulic steering systems incorporate more than eighty five years of accumulated Wagner family experience in marine steering systems.


"Autonav, working with its partner Navis, Co., designed, manufactured, supplied, integrated and commissioned all of the above systems and ultimately delivered a state-of-the-art system."

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